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Expertise for a fixed fee (employment and equine advice)

Advice from a legal expert for just $345.00. 

You tell me your problem.I consider the legal & practical issues,research the law,and set you up as a client.

Then I will phone you with advice and we will discuss solutions.

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Please Tell Me Your Name
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Monday to Friday between 8am-6pm
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Contact phone number

To comply with NZ Law Society requirements you will need to accept our terms of engagement and client care rules. You will then be emailed with a phone appointment time, generally within one business day. We reserve the right to decline to act or continue to act at our discretion.


“Thanks so much for being able to give us a quick answer on how to end the trial period for our employee. We weren't quite sure and didn't want to get it wrong. You were able to tell us what to do and we knew what it would cost in advance-we liked that.”

“Our payroll had questions about what to pay an employee who was leaving and it needed an analysis of some employment agreement terminology. You gave that advice quickly and we really appreciated it.”

“I was very uncertain about how to handle a meeting that my boss called about a problem which had come up at work. Megan was able to explain what could and couldn't be said and what the outcomes might be. She just generally helped me handle it myself. It was awesome. I felt much more prepared because I had the confidence to ask for some more information ahead of the meeting. It went well for me and I would highly recommend getting legal advice in this way.”

"This lady is a true professional. I had a major employee problem that I had tried to sort out for months. Megan solved the entire problem in less than two weeks. I am delighted with the result and will definitely recommend Megan to any one who is in need of top expert assistance at an exceptionally fair cost.
Saved me a small fortune.Thanks again!!"