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About me

Passionate. Approachable. Experienced

Our Belief

Fairness is what everybody wants and deserves in their workplace.

Our Mission

Providing fair and functional outcomes for employers and employees at a fair and reasonable fee.

Our Approach

Relationships matter - we enjoy getting to know our clients and understanding their needs.


Megan Gundesen


FairPlay Legal has grown out of a passion to embrace my future in the employment sphere and face the challenge of business ownership as so many of my clients have. With over 30 years experience in Employment Law I have gained an understanding of human and workplace issues that helps me provide strategies that my clients truly appreciate. Most of the time, I help move people through difficult work situations and they are very pleased with the outcome. That's why I do what I do.

Giving back to my community and trying to improve the world in some small ways is a conviction I cannot shake.  I have long had a strong connection with people with intellectual disabilities, with educational governance, and with sports groups. As the inaugural chair of the Taranaki Equestrian Network,I’ve developed knowledge of the issues facing the not-for-profit and sporting sectors, committee processes, local government structures and how to influence change. That's another string to my bow.

I am always open to a call.If I cant help with your issue, then I can steer you towards someone who can

Our HR People

We have HR consultants available ready to give you very experienced advice from recruitment to training to performance to exit, and with payroll and benefits right in the middle. They have stayed with HR because they really believe in the power of a well functioning team and helping to build that resource to grow your business. We can match the consultant to your situation.You just need to phone us to have a chat about whats possible.